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Local Winter Landscapes in Lockdown

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

As someone who loves to get out with the camera early morning, the prospect of snow really inspires me to get up and take pictures. Given a good covering, it can totally transform the landscape. I was therefore looking forward to some much needed shutter therapy, after seeing the prospect of snow in South Somerset, looked quite promising. As we are in Lockdown I wanted to visit a local spot situated in a field just down the lane from where I live, in Henstridge. There is a small lake or perhaps a more accurate description would be large pond. I first really discovered it last March, on the previous Lockdown and it has remained a local photographic haunt for me throughout the past year.

As I made my way down the lane it was quite dark and very “Crispy, Crunchy” underfoot. One interesting thing I noted was the number of foxes footprints that gave the tell, tale signs of them paying a visit to peoples homes looking for food I guess. I was pleased our chickens and ducks were still well locked up. As I wandered along the lane it was great to know I was the first person to tread this freshly laid snow.

A little further on, into the fields the sky was just starting to show some colour which looked very promising. The bottom fields where I was heading are situated well into the Blackmore Vale, which are quite often full of mist on a still, early morning and can be a photographers dream, when the conditions are right. On arrival, the snow covered area was perfect. I quickly worked out a composition and as I started to take photos I noticed some distant mist creeping in, which always gives you that extra ingredient to make the image special.

This was indeed a very memorable mornings photography. Getting out in this snow certainly did give me that much needed motivation in my photography and was wonderfully good for the soul. I love the fact the location is so local and perhaps this Winter Landscape is one for the wall?

Normally with snow being forecast I may have opted for a more iconic location in the area, which would have required a car journey but I have found walking locally, with the dog there are some truly stunning photographic opportunities out there in South Somerset; especially early morning. I feel very privileged having these views 10 minutes from where I live and the fact I’ve never actually met anyone else down there early morning, apart from deer, foxes and sheep is another big plus. A bit selfish I know but I’ve always been a loner with my photography.

Taking pictures in Lockdown can still be extremely rewarding and really makes you appreciate and look after the local landscape around you. I love sharing it on Social Media and my website etc. However, you may need to get up early in the dark and freezing cold weather to to fully take in what Mother Nature can truly offer. Many thanks for looking, you can keep up to date with my most recent work by visiting

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