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Autumn Revisited

Now that Autumn is with us for another year it's always satisfying to enjoy and reflect on the beautiful palette of golds, browns, coppers, bronzes and reds that adorn our landscapes. 

I always look forward to this season but unfortunately it's over far too quickly and balancing the full beauty of the colours with suitable weather conditions can be challenging. I am fortunate to live in an area that has easy access to some stunning locations but my favourite has to be Stourhead Gardens in Wiltshire which never disappoints.  

I always find the timing at Stourhead is crucial to get the most out of the colours and balance the show across all the trees. I am pleased in the above shot that the ferns in the foreground had not yet be pruned as this adds interest. Last year they were being cut as I took the photo. Without doubt the best time to visit Stourhead is early morning and be prepared to make several visits. Being a National Trust member can be a great advantage

Sadly the beautiful fire red acer has been cut down so this is a post from previous years. Which I think makes it a bit special

My other great haunt at this time of the year is Hambledon Hill in Dorset, again owned by the National Trust. The views across the Blackmore Vale on a cold and frosty morning are quite spectacular. Although the view at the top of the hill is my favourite viewpoint, making your way up the steep hill can be quite challenging, especially in the dark but is well worth the effort. I find this location has so much to give throughout all seasons but the Autumn is spectacular.

The final image I want to include is one that is local, along a remote country lane in Henstridge, South Somerset. I walk this  lane nearly every day to an old bridge but on this evening the light was perfect with the late Autumnal sun just breaking through the trees, which by now had almost shed all their leaves. I particularly liked the golden glow in this image which gave it real atmosphere and decided to use the Fujifilm Classic Chrome simulation, as I wanted a filmic style rendering. Maybe next Autumn I will revert back to film to really bring out the glorious colours, now that would be interesting

Fuji X100F, Classic Chrome film simulation

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